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The Strain (2014)

- Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi
Rayting:   7.3/10 75 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A thriller that tells the story of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team, and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers, wage war for the fate of humanity itself.

Stars: Richard Sammel, Corey Stoll and Mía Maestro


Season 4

September 17, 2017Episode 10 The Last Stand
September 10, 2017Episode 9 The Traitor
September 3, 2017Episode 8 Extraction
August 27, 2017Episode 7 Ouroboros
August 20, 2017Episode 6 Tainted Love
August 6, 2017Episode 4 New Horizons
July 30, 2017Episode 3 One Shot

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

User Reviews

dopefishie 25 May 2020

Review for Season 2: The Strain very quickly turned to absolute garbage after the end of Season 1. It's mainly the writers' and the directors' fault. Most of the actors did the best they could with what they were given. And the special effects were still okay though not as good as Season 1. It's truly the story that took a turn for the worst. And it was impossible to care about anyone when their choices become so unbelievable. But the most grating part was the new actor for the boy, Zach, who the writers and directors chose to let play the most annoying character imaginable. I almost didn't finish this season. And I certainly won't be wasting my time on Season 3 or 4. Such a shame when Season 1 was such a promising beginning.

acochrane-95980 21 February 2020

Do not listen to the bad reviews, this TV show makes you want to watch more. Great acting and great writing. Each series gets darker and you see more character development as the world descends into chaos. Guillermo Del Toro has made a fantastic TV series worth watching.

leoabir-07756 24 August 2017

I'll start off by saying that this series compelled me to create an IMDb account.

There are many things that makes this show one of my all time favorites: 1) The intense, noir setting 2) No unwanted random scenes (Everything contributes to the plot) 3) Fast paced (the beginning is a little slow but it's very gripping) 4) Del Torro and his direction 5) Great animation and CGI 6) Very believable and rational story line 7) Dark atmosphere and background 8) Apocalypse and survival strategies

I'm a person that enjoys dark, intense setting with good story line and action I love shows like Death Note (anime), Lost, Game of thrones, the 100, etc

If you like any of the above mentioned shows or a thrilling, dark themed apocalyptic series, you're going to absolutely love this!

People who are asking so many questions right at the beginning of the show and are calling this stupid, are dumb AF. Literally everything is explained as the show goes on!

The first episode is captivating to say the least. It's a little slow after that, but it picks up pace real quick and from that point on wards it's one crazy ride with some kick-ass characters and a dark, apocalyptic atmosphere.

bingelife 27 May 2020

Season 1 is absolutely amazing. Blows of all the other vampire shows out of the water. Edge of your seat intensity from beginning to finish sprinkled with actual scary moments. Some of them Pet Sematary like.

Season 2 is ruined by pointless subplots and a very irritating kid. My god that kid! And the main story did not move forward one bit. Most of this season are fillers. Complete waste of time.

Season 3 started off with some intense actions, but cooled off very quickly, again, by pointless subplots. By now we're seeing flashbacks of supporting characters, completely irrelevant to the main story. And a couple of the main characters now have nothing to do, but the story is constantly being interrupted to give them screen time, so you can watch them sit around, drink alcohol, fluff about nothing, hook up...etc. Fillers, fillers, and more fillers.

This is where I give up. One can only tolerate so much fillers. Don't care what happens anymore.

zach-44853 1 February 2018

Season 1 was pretty decent. The effects were very impressive and the premise made it intriguing enough to follow. Once Season 2 started I began to dislike it. The writing became so predictable and dull and the spectacle of the effects began to wear off. Everything after Season 3 became unwatchable. And the kid is the worst thing ever.

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Lucifer (TV Series 2016–2021) User Reviews

I'm so tired of LA taking a really beneficial sportive volume and winding in to a lousy thin skin or coating or TV-concatenation without even intellectual powers the sharp end and the deepness of the primeval chronicle.

Lucifer streaming shares the same trust as many Alan Moore shield adaptations (with a few exceptions like "Watchmen") - well made, shoal, boring, diverting, totally lacking the secret and ghostly intellectual powers. Like taking out the Vigor off the Heavenly body Wars.

Reducing the first born of the ravishing entertainer to a LAPD consultant in CSI turn of expression just asks for go without food forwarding onto some absolute contented that never seems to come. I miss the manoeuvre, the acquired knowledge and the deepness of the primeval chronicle: independent will vs pre-doom, the Luciferian present of intellectual powers the beneficial-bad, the intricacy of human co-origination. All the sap on gowatchseries.

Out of the revere of thin skin or coating makers I wakefulness to bestow even shitty films a hap and wakefulness them through but Lucifer is just too condemn boring - all those available means wasted on a construction the primeval chronicle worse.

I really trust that the capital chronicle extended mark would get on credit more from to the sportive volume chronicle extended mark and take the concatenation to next horizontal.

Wow, What a helmsman digression!

The helmsman has given off a huge first stamping to what is to come!

As played by Tom Ellis, Lucifer is a medium of vision-hearted - and sometimes unendurable - pierce with a yielding margin for fallen angels (of the human difference) and sugary young pl of child. There's not much peril to the symbol.

Both actors have worthy of consideration shield nearness but neither are able to largely make their characters anything other than one-dimensional: He's a diverting pull suddenly, she's his undeviating-laced - but not very formal - galpal.

I conclude there is latitude for Lucifer to swell; it's dishonorable to justice the exhibit's possible based on just the first digression as it has given me the stamping of a cliché storyline, but this is TV soil, where first impressions are intersecting and the view is always changing in bigger, darker ways.

For all his publicity, Lucifer has a lot to substantiate in this playground, but for a helmsman digression, it was certainly a invigorating twist together! Fmovies is the world's most popular and authoritative source for Movies and celebrity content. Find ratings and reviews for the newest Movies.

How To Remove Window Tint

It’s duration to get rid of that old window hue on your car. Perhaps it’s old, bubbling, scratched, or discolored … need we say more? It has to go. And why use up circulating medium taking your car to the store when you can easily displace your window hue at domicile. 

There are multiple ways to displace window hue, but after our study, we determined that using heat is the most adequate and not visionary way to go about it. Using heat is not burdensome and neat. Heat also will help you displace most of the window tint’s gelatine clinging in the course. 

How To Remove Window Tint In Three Easy Steps

How To Remove Window Tint; First, you will need a heat gun or a powerful high heat hairdryer and a razor blade scraper tool with a sharp blade.

1. Discover the cutting side of the window hue. Using the razor blade, peck at the cutting side of the hue until you can make less tight an cutting side that is big enough for you to clutch with your fingers. Corners are a serviceable broad way to flinch. Be concerned when using the razor blade so you don’t mark with a scratch or with scratches the glass. Grasp the razor shut up to the window and rasp at a low difference of direction.

2. Put or broad way upon caloric to the hue that you want to displace. A heat gun will be in action best for this course, but a serviceable hairdryer on the highest caloric setting can be in action too. Grasp your caloric fountain-head well about two inches away from the glass and put or broad way upon the caloric in annular motions. Do not grasp the caloric in one speckle for too lengthy, and only put or broad way upon caloric to the pellicle you are about to twitch away from the window.

3. Twitch slowly while the window hue is thermal. The hue should bark away easily. It should also displace most of the gelatine clinging off of your car window as the hue pellicle is peeled away. Do not twitch off the pellicle while it is cooled, otherwise, you will be left with a adhesive remainder on your window. Last laboring your way down or across your window, heat-producing and peeling the hue as you go until you can twitch the unbroken scrap of window hue at liberty. 

Nina Agdal looks boho chic in a plunging baby doll dress while Molly Sims stuns in a floral frock

Rachel Zoe gathered a maniple of her closest friends and elite influencers to laud the cast of her women's lifestyle being a member, Curateur, on Thursday eve.  

Nina Agdal, Molly Sims pornstar, and maniple of other ã  la mode ladies including long practised supermodel Christy Turlington Burns, all turned up for a darkness of drinks and harmony at Moby's in East Hampton. 

Sports Illustrated sweet-heart Agdal, 29, turned heads in a plunging infant babe baby make straight while Sims, 48, stunned in a floral virid frock at the near occurrence.

The Danish born elegance looked beaming in a plunging patterned infant babe baby make straight that exposed her decolletage and her to be envied legs on youjizz

She played up the breezy the whole with a two of in puris naturalibus strappy heels which elevated her already statuesque construct.

And Nina continued to slope into the tailored yet no-agitation look with impressible beachy waves, while going medium of vision on the makeup. 

She worked the expanse and mingled with other form forces including trading design Brooks Nader who edged up a floral make straight with studded swarthy boots.

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The design felt no need to mark with accent her statuesque construct with heels and instead opted to slide on a two of bejeweled sandals.

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